One of the Most Beautiful Emblem Books. The Landwehr Copy

Montanus, Benedictus Arias. Abraham de Bruyn, Pieter Huys, and Jan and Hieronymus Wierix (artists)

Humanae Salutis Monumenta

Antwerp: Christophe Plantin, 1571


Octavo: Collation: A-I8, K4, A-B8.


Engraved title, engraved portrait medallion of Christ, and 70 engraved emblematic plates. Near-contemporary calf binding, rebacked. Fine impressions of the plates.

A series of beautifully-rendered Biblical emblems, engraved by Abraham de Bruyn, Pieter Huys, and Jan and Hieronymus Wierix. The decorative borders of flowers, fruits, butterflies, birds and animals, engraved by Pieter Huys and Jan Sadeler, add to the beauty of the book.

With the Latin odes of Montanus, one of the great Spanish humanists. "The richness of the illustrations... is eminently representative of the Catholic imagery and religious propaganda of the Counter-Reformation."(Sorgeloos)

Montanus was sent by Phillip II in 1568 to assist Plantin in the production of his famous Biblia Polyglotta. Montanus spent the next four years with Plantin. Several spectacular books resulted from their friendship, including this lavishly illustrated emblem book.

Provenance: J.C. Landwehr

Landwehr 44; cf. Sorgeloos 111; Voet 588