The Rare Sessa Catullus

Catullus, Gaius Valerius (Ca. 84-Ca.54 B.C.); Tibullus (Ca. 50-Ca.18 B.C.); Propertius, Sextus. (Ca. 49-Ca. 16 B.C.)

Catullus. Tibullus. Propertius.

Venice: Melchior Sessa, 20 September, 1531


Octavo: 14.5 x 9.2 cm. 142 lvs. Collation: A-S8


A nice copy bound in 20th c. green morocco. Attractive woodcut title page border, Sessa cat and mouse device at end.

The text of this Sessa edition follows the 2nd Aldine of 1515. It opens, however, with a new letter from the printer to his student audience. Sessa has used tall, simple capitals for the opening of each poem, whereas Aldus printed only guide letters. The first poem of Catullus opens with an attractive woodcut initial.

CNCE 10361; Not in Adams