Burned by Luther - In a Contemporary Binding from the Benedictine Monastery at Weissenhoe

Angelus De Clavasio [Angelo Carletti di Chivasso] (1411-1495)

Summa angelica de casibus conscientiae.

Nuremberg: Anton Koberger, 28 August 1488


Chancery folio: 30.5 x 21.5 cm. [1], cccx, [1] lvs. (complete with first and last blanks.) Collation: a8, b-z6, 2a-2z6, [2et]6, [2con]6, 2t6, 2A-3B8. Leaf a2, a3, a4, and a5 are signed "a", "aii", "aiii", "aiiii". Foliation begins on leaf a2 and is continuous.

FIRST KOBERGER EDITION (1st ed. Chivasso, Jacobinus Suigus, 1486).

Bound in contemporary German blind-stamped pigskin over wooden boards, bound at the Weissenhoe [Bavaria] Benedictine monastery [EBDB w002217]. Remains of clasps, chain-staple hole in rear cover, small chip at foot of spine. With a handsome, large Maiblumen initial on leaf a2, smaller initials and rubrics throughout. A very good copy with light to moderate dampstaining, a little more pronounced in the final three signatures, and a few wormtrails in the lower blank margin of a few signatures.

An attractive Koberger printing of Angelo Carletti's authoritative compendium of moral theology. Written as a comprehensive manual for confessors, the "Summa" includes a section dealing with the actual administration of confession, how confessors are to conduct themselves, the questions they are to ask, and the penances to be levied.

Angelo Carletti di Chivasso: Moral theologian of the order of Friars Minor, was born in 1411, and died at Coni in 1495. He attended the University of Bologna, where he received the degree of Doctor of Civil and Cannon Law. It was probably at the age of thirty that he entered the Order of Friars Minor. He was four times chosen to fill the office of vicar-general of that branch of the order then known as the Cismontane Observance. In 1480 the Turks under Mahout II took possession of Otranto, and threatened to overrun and lay waste the "bel paese". Blessed Angelo was appointed Apostolic Nuncio by Pope Sixtus IV, and commissioned to preach the holy war against the invaders. Again, in 1491, he was appointed Apostolic Nuncio and Commissary by Innocent VIII, conjointly with the Bishop of Mauriana, the purpose of their mission being to take active steps to prevent the spread of the heretical doctrines of the Waldenses.

Clavasio's "Summa de Casibus Conscientiae" draws on contemporary ecclesiastical law and theology, is divided into six hundred and fifty-nine articles arranged in alphabetical order and forming what would now be called a dictionary of moral theology. Being written "pro utilitate confessariorum et eorum qui cupiunt laudabiliter vivere", the "Summa" is a valuable guide in matters of conscience and approaches closely, in the treatment of the various articles, casuistic theology as this science is now understood, hence the title of the work.” (The Catholic Encyclopedia)

ISTC ia00717000; HC *5385; GW 1927; BMC II 432; Bod-inc A-288; BSB-Ink A-527; Goff A-717