Profusely annotated –with over 300 variant readings and corrections- by a contemporary reader

Catullus, Gaius Valerius (Ca. 84-Ca.54 B.C.); Tibullus (Ca. 50-Ca.18 B.C.); Propertius, Sextus. (Ca. 49-Ca. 16 B.C.)

Tibullus Catullus & Proptius [sic.] cu[m] comento [sic.]

Veniec: Simon Bevilaqua, 26 June, 1493


Folio: 30 x 21 cm. 157 ff. Complete. Collation: a-c8, d-e6, f-s8, t-x6 (lacking blank x6). 62 lines of commentary surrounding text, initial spaces with guide-letters.

Bound in 18th c. carta rustica. A very fine, crisp copy, with minor blemishes and a tear in one leaf (no loss), annotated throughout by a contemporary reader.

The verse of the three great Roman elegiac poets: Catullus (with the commentary of Antonius Parthenius Lacisius of Verona); Tibullus (accompanied by the commentary of Bernardinus Cyllenius of Verona); and Propertius (with the commentary of Philippus Beroaldus.)

This copy has been annotated throughout in a contemporary hand, and is especially rich in variant readings and text corrections, with a few instances of lines being supplied. While the works of all three poets show evidence of careful reading (the printed commentaries are also heavily glossed), there are more than 300 corrections and variants in the Catullan poems alone: 85 of these are variant readings in the margins, the majority are impartial ("alii sunt qui legunt…"), but others show the annotator's editorial preference ("melius sic legatur…", "sic legatur…", "sic legendum est…"), approximately 225 are substitutions of variants words for those printed in the text. There are also careful punctuation changes throughout. All of this careful and meticulous work suggests that the text was being edited for a future edition.

ISTC it00373000; BMC V, 517; Goff T-373; HC 4764; Bod-Inc T-213