The Rare Church Calendar, Use of Rome. For the Leap Year 1684

Church Calendar: Ordo Officii Divini Recitandi.

Ordo Officii Divini Recitandi juxta Ritum Breviarii Romani pro Anno Bissextili M.DC.LXXXIV. Cum annotatione colorum, quibus Eminentiss. et Reverendiss. Domini Cardinales Romae degentes in vestibus, et Cappis Pontificalibus utuntur; Ac etiam Cappellarum, quae infra annum celebrantur.

Rome: ex Typographia Rever. Cam. Apost., 1684


Octavo: 16 x 10.6 cm. A-D8, A8, a8

Extremely rare. OCLC, KVK, and VD17 locate 2 copies worldwide: Biblioteca Vallicelliana (Rome) and Museum Plantin Moretus (Antwerp). All editions of the Ordo for Rome are extremely rare.

This is an extremely rare Vatican “Directorium”, the yearly calendar of the Church of Rome, published for the leap year 1684, during the reign of Pope Innocent XI (1611-1689), whose woodcut arms appear on the title page. It consists of a calendar for the year, in which there are printed against each day concise directions concerning the Office and Mass to be said on that day. There are also indications of fast days, special indulgences, days of devotion, etc. Of special interest are the calendric table indicating what color vestments are to be worn by Roman Cardinals on which day and at what time, as well indications for in which churches and chapels services are to be performed; the lunar table for 1684; and the perpetual calendar giving the varying times for sunrise, midday, midnight, etc. for the performance of the Mass and the Canonical Hours (Divine Office). The times given in the perpetual calendar are for locations at a latitude of 41 gradi from the northern pole but are also good for latitudes 39-42, that is, for the following territories: The Kingdom of Naples, Rome, Umbria, the March of Ancona, Urbino, Tuscany, Corsica and Sardinia. The volume concludes with orations to be said before and after masses and the hours. A fascinating and rare view into the specifics of the Roman liturgical calendar.