Catullus & Martial - Two Books Printed by Henricus Petri

Catullus, Gaius Valerius (Ca. 84-Ca.54 B.C.); Tibullus (Ca. 50-Ca.18 B.C.); Propertius, Sextus. (Ca. 49-Ca. 16 B.C.)

C. Valerii Catulli...Liber I. Alb. Tibulli Equitis Romani libri IIII. Sex Aurelii Propertii umbri libri IIII. C N. Cornelii Galli fragmenta. Basel: Henricus Petri, 1530 b/w Martialis, Marcus Valerius (40- ca. 100) Epigrammaton Libri XIIII

Basel: Henricus Petri, 1530


Octavo: 15 x 9.7 cm. 2 vols. bound together: I. (Catullus et al.) [8], 192 lvs. Collation: a-z8, A-B8; II. (Martial) [231] lvs. Collation: A-Z8, Aa-Ff8

Bound in contemporary alum-tawed pigskin over wooden boards, lacking clasps but with the brass catches, with acorn tools and rolls of 3 of the Muses: Terpsichore, Euterpe (signed N.C.), and Calliope (signed M.A.). First title dusty, damp-stain in the first part of the Martial. Intermittent annotations in the margins of both works and some underscoring in the Tibullus.

VD 16 C 1740 and M 1163