A 16th c. Compilaton of Important English Recusant Texts

RECUSANTS. JESUITS. Gibbons, John (1544-1589); Fenn, John (1544-1589), editors. Allen, William, Cardinal (1532-1594); Parsons (or Persons), Robert, S.J. (1546-1610); Campion, Edmund, Saint (1540-1581); Elizabeth I, Queen of England (1533-1603)

Concertatio ecclesiae Catholicæ in Anglia adversus Caluinopapistas et Puritanos, a paucis annis singulari studio quorundam hominum doctrina & sanctitate illustrium renouata. Operis totius seriem, eius argumentum post epistolam dedicatoriam edocebit.

Trier: Apud Emondum Hatotum, 1583




Duo edicta Elizabethae Reginae Angliae contra sacerdotes Societatis Iesu, & alumnos seminariorum quae à Gregorio XIII. Pont. Max. Romae & Remis pro Anglis sunt instituta, quibus non solùm illi vt perduelles proscribuntur, sed Angli omnes, qui in iisdem Collegiis viuunt reuocantur : vna cum Apologia doctissimi viri D. Gulielmi Alani pro iisdem sacerdotibus Societatis Iesu, & aliis seminariorum alumnis; in qua explicantur causae institutionis praedictorum seminariorum, & cur sacerdotes Catholici in Angliam mittantur : additur eiusdem Gulielmi Alani pijssima admonitio et consolatio verè Christiana ad afflictos Catholicos Angliae

Trier: Apud Emondum Hatotum, 1583

Octavo: 2 parts in one volume: Pt. I: [2], 3-369, [1] p. A-Z8; Pt 2: 175, [1] p. a-l8

Bound in near contemporary sheep, worn, with splitting to the hinges and small losses at corners. Internally fine, cut close occasionally slightly affecting a headline or sidenote. With an attractive woodcut with the arms of the Archbishop of Trier on the verso of the first title.

A collection of texts by prominent English Catholics, compiled and edited by John Gibbons and John Fenn (though often erroneously attributed to John Bridgewater.) Among the texts are Edmund Campion's "Rationes Decem", Cardinal William Allen's "Apologia pro sacerdotibus Societatis Iesu", Robert Parsons' "De Persecutione Anglicana", and the anonymous account of the capture, torture, trial, and execution of Edmund Campion and his companions Ralph Sherwin and Alexander Briant. 

The second part contains Elizabeth I's edict against the English Jesuits and seminarians, occasioned by Parsons' Jesuit mission to England. This is followed by rejoinders from Cardinal Allen, in which he argues that the Jesuits were not attempting to assassinate Elizabeth, and had no such directive from the Pope.

Also included is John Nicholls' letter to Cardinal Allen in which he apologizes for having recanted his Catholicism (under torture, he tells us) while imprisoned in England.

The text describing the martyrdom of Parsons and the letter by Nicholls are almost unobtainable in other forms.

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