A Rare Incunabulum in Pigskin

INCUNABULA. Vergilius Maro, Publius (70-19 B.C.)

Opera: Bucolica and Georgica [with argumenta and commentaries by Servius, Cristoforo Landino, and Antonio Mancinelli]; Aeneis [with argumenta and commentaries by Servius, Donatus, and Landino]; with additions including Maffeo Veggio's 13th book of the Aeneid.

Venice: Philippus Pincius, 5 Feb 1499/ 1500


Chancery folio: 31 x 21 cm., 366 leaves (foliated i-ccclx in print on leaves b1-V8), a6 b-z8 &8 [con]8 [rum]8 A-V8, 46 lines of text, 62 lines of commentary plus headline, roman type, woodcut initials (3-9 lines).

A fine copy with occasional marginal annotations by in brown and red ink. Bound in later German pigskin with blind-tooled decoration over wooden boards, two clasps and pins, blue edges, last leaf becoming loose. Provenance: Leonhard Cantzler (died 1506 in Rome), bequeathed to Peter Strauss, inscription by the latter on a2r; unidentified coat-of-arms, bearing the initials "S H", drawn in brown ink on leaf a1 recto, with Latin verse in a cartouche; Maximilian von Lerchenfeld-Heinersreuth, armorial bookplate dated 1873

Rare. 3 copies in North America: Mass. Historical Society, Princeton, Huntington.

ISTC iv00194000; Goff V194; C 6079 = 6075; Pr. 5320; BMC V 499; Davies & Goldfinch 82; Kallendorf 38