An Extremely Rare Illustrated Venetian Vergil

Vergilius Maro, Publius (70-19 B.C.)

Pub. Vergilii Maronis Bucolica, Georgica, Aeneis, cum Seruii commentarijs accuratissime emendatis, in quibus multa quae deerant sunt addita, Grecae dictiones & versus ubique restituti. Sequitur Probi celebris grammatici in Bucolica & Georgica commentariolus, non ante impressus. Ad hos Donati fragmenta, Christophori Landini, et Antonii Mancinelli commentarii.

Venice: in officina Aurelii Pincii Veneti excussi et per Baptistam Egnatium Venetum emendati, 1536


Quarto: 20.7 x 15 cm. [8], XLVIII, CXVIII, CCCXVI lvs. A8, b-g8, A-O8, P6; AA-ZZ8, AAA-QQQ8, RRR4

Illustrated with 18 woodcuts (1 on the title page, 1 for the Eclogues, 4 for the Georgics, and 12 for the Aeneid.)Bound in contemporary limp vellum with some stains, bottom portion of spine defective. This is an unsophisticated copy, the text fresh but with some short wormtrails, sometimes affecting the text though not offensively, intermittent light dampstaining, a bit stronger in the lower, outer margins of some signatures. There is also a curious, circular, light yellow stain the size of a nickel at the center of about 1o leaves, left there by a pretty little flower that is still preserved in the book (See images.)

Provenance: Early armorial stamp on the title and verso of last leaf, a 16th c. ownership inscription on the verso of the final leaf "Maximiliano Belhominei", and an 18thc. ownership inscription on the title of a member of the same family (Bellomini).

Extremely rare. OCLC locates 5 copies outside of Italy: 3 in North America (Columbia, Michigan, Toronto), 1 copy in Switzerland, and 1 in Italy (Prati). Not in USTC. KVK locates 1 copy outside of Italy (Österreichische Nationalbibliothek). For Italian holdings see EDIT 16 CNCE 64973

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