The Americas

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Canadian Native Americans as victims & perpetrators of violence

AMERICAS. CANADA. Bressani, Francesco Giuseppe (1612-1672)
Breve Relatione d’Alcune Missioni de’ PP. della Compagnia di Giesù nella Nuova Francia.

Macerata: Heirs of Agostino Grisei, 1653


Quarto: 21.5 x 15.5 cm. [4], 8 pp., 9-10 ll., 11-127, [1] pp. Collation: π2 A4 B4 (±B1.2) C-Q4

FIRST EDITION of one of the most important eyewitness accounts of 17th-century Canada devoted primarily to the Huron Indians, but also with accounts of other groups, including the Jesuit author’s captivity and mutilation under the Iroquois. He also devotes 25 pages to a 1643 letter written by his Jesuit colleague Isaac Jogues (1607-1646), who was killed by the Mohawks.

Bressani (1612-1672), an Italian Jesuit, travelled to Canada as a missionary in 1642.


Alden & Landis 653/15; De Backer & Sommervogel II, col. 133; Walter, Jesuit relations, 43; Church 524; James Ford Bell Lib. B-407; JCB II, p. 428; Lande, Canadiana 57; McCoy, Jesuit relations 82; Sabin 7734; not in Eberstadt; Streeter.

With an Account of Benjamin Franklin's Kite Experiment

ELECTRICITY. Calandrelli, Giuseppe
Ragionamento sopra il conduttore elettrico Quirinale dell'abate Giuseppe Calandrelli

Rome: nella stamperia Salomoni, 1789


Octavo: 20.5 x 140 cm. [2], xxxvi p.

First edition of this rare publication, dealing with the construction of the lightning conductor installed on the Quirinal Palace in Rome (in order to prevent further damage from lightning strikes.)

Calandrelli discusses the electrical experiments of other well-known scientists such as Priestley, Toaldo, Landriani, De Saussure, Reccaria, Lord Malion, and above all, those of Benjamin Franklin, including Franklin's iconic kite experiment of June 1752.


Wheeler Gift 554

For Graduates & Faculty of the University of Mexico

UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL AUTÓNOMA DE MÉXICO. Beye de Cisneros y Quijano, Manuel Ignacio (1718-1787)
Manuale formarum juramentorum ab his præstandorum, qui in Rectores, Consiliarios, & Officiales in hac alma, Imperiali, Mexicana Academia eliguntur, & ab his, qui gradu aliquo majori, vel minori sunt insigniendi. Fidei item professio secundum Sanctum Œcumenicum Concilium Tridentinum, quam juxta Constitutiones, ac Sanctiones ejusdem Universitatis emittere tenentur majori, vel minori gradu decorandi, quique Cathedras sunt moderaturi, antequam earum possessionem nanciscantur. Ad Imperialis Mexiceæ Academiæ usum typis mandatum jussu D.D.D. Emmanuelis Ignatii Beye, Zisneros, et Quixano, prædictae Universitatis olim Consiliarij, Decreti Exedræ semel, atque iterum Moderatoris, Regiæ Curiæ Causidici,& tandem Rectoris munus exercentis.

Mexico: Ex novâ Typographiâ editioni Bibliothecae Mexicanae destinatâ, 1759


Quarto: 26.5 x 21 cm. [25] leaves: signatures [A]8 (blank [A]7 and [A]8 are canceled), B-D4, E2, F4, G4 (- blanks G2-G4) (blank [A]1 is present). Complete.

A handsome Mexican imprint, with a skillful engraving of the University’s intricate coat of arms by Francisco C. Rodríguez. See Mathes (La Ilustración en México colonial, p. 154; Register 4531).


Bancroft Sale (Bangs, 1900) 429. Beristáin de Souza, Biblioteca Hispano Americana Setentrional (1883), Vol. I, p. 310. Bibliotheca Mejicana 1027. Blake 3184: “Of the utmost rarity.” Medina, México 4531. Palau 28851. Ramírez Sale 475. Sabin 44420.

Native Fashion in 16th c. Virginia - The Expanded Second Edition – With New Woodcuts of Native Americans

WOMEN. COSTUME. NATIVE AMERICANS. Vecellio, Cesare (ca. 1521-1601)
Habiti antichi et moderni di tutto il mondo di Cesare Vecellio ; di nuouo accresciuti di molte figure ; vestitus antiquorum recentiorumque totius orbis per Sulstatium Gratilianum Senapolensis Latinè declarati.

Venice: Appresso Gio. Bernardo Sessa, 1598


Octavo: 17.5 x 12 cm. [56], 507, [1] lvs. Collation: a-g8, A-Z8, Aa-Zz8, Aaa-Rrr8, Ss4 (lacking blank Ss4).

Cesare Vecellio, who joined the workshop of his famous cousin Titian before 1548, was active as a publisher by 1570. The original 1590 edition included some 420 woodcuts by Christoph Krieger [Cristoforo Guerra], who died before completing the 450 cuts stipulated in his contract; this 2nd edition of 1598 contains 88 additional woodcuts (see Bayer, "Art and Love in Renaissance Italy").


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